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Egg Donor Cost: Understanding Costs Associated with Fresh vs. Frozen Egg Donation

What Is the Cost of Egg Donation in the USA (With Fresh or Frozen Eggs)?

When a patient chooses to use an egg donor to conceive, they discover how the cost of egg donation can become expensive quickly. A standard egg donation cycle with fresh eggs may cost upwards of $25,000 per cycle. At CHR, we understand that money is often an important determining factor in fertility treatment, especially when considering using donor eggs, whether fresh or from a frozen egg bank. Our center offers both a traditional donor egg IVF program as well as a lower-cost donor egg bank program (called the Eco Donor Egg Program, or EcoDEP).

How Much Does Egg Donation Cost at CHR?

Comparing the Cost of Frozen Donor Eggs With the Standard Fresh Donor Egg Program at CHR

In a standard fresh egg donor cycle at CHR, the recipient will choose a donor from our extensive egg donor database, and pay per egg cell according to our Standard Donor Egg Program (SDEP) pricing structure. All other egg donation costs (procedures, doctors visits, tests, travel expenses, medications, etc.) will be the responsibility of the patient who chooses this service. If, during the SDEP process, a donor produces more eggs than the recipient wishes to purchase, the remaining eggs are frozen for later use by one or more EcoDEP recipient(s). As all treatments are individualized for each patient at CHR, the cost of SDEP varies depending on what a patient needs. However, a typical donor-recipient cycle with 8 fresh donor eggs at CHR can cost around $28,000.

EcoDEP offers an innovative alternative for patients unable to afford the cost of our fresh donor egg program. Recipients who choose EcoDEP typically receive five (5) cryopreserved donor eggs* for the reasonable price of $16,850 (not including pre testing, medications for recipient, and any extra services necessary to address male factor infertility). They also have the flexibility to adjust the number of eggs purchased at the rate of $1,100 per egg. Once a recipient chooses the eggs, they will be thawed, fertilized, and the resulting embryos will be transferred into her uterus.

Learn More About Frozen Donor Egg Costs at CHR

More information about our frozen egg bank cost and benefits can be found here. To learn more about the frozen eggs available in EcoDEP, please visit our constantly expanding list of available donors.

If you have additional questions about how much donor eggs cost or would like to learn more about EcoDEP at CHR, please contact us.

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Last Updated: February 5, 2019

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