Fertility Updates

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Research Publications

CHR's focus on basic and clinical research has brought many breakthough treatments to infertility parents. Find out the latest results of our translational research.

How the FMR1 gene became relevant to female fertility and reproductive medicine

A comprehensive overview of the FMR1 gene’s effects on ovarian function and follicle maturation, and its potential role as an … Read more


OPINIONs is a unique commentary series reflecting CHR's independent voices on reproductive endocrinology medicine and beyond.

On Androgen Supplementation in Women With Low Functional Ovarian Reserve (LFOR)

OPINIONs 008: November 17, 2014 Summary We in this OPINION discuss the current skepticism, which still prevails within the field of reproductive endocrinology … Read more


New research projects, experimental treatments, new staff members, thoughts on various "fads" in the field — VOICE, CHR's monthly update, is always abuzz. Stay up-to-date here.

CHR VOICE: April 2015

Looking at the numbers: What we can learn from 2013 national SART data Since Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART) … Read more

Educational Videos

Watch CHR's physicians and scientists explain various infertility conditions, treatments, and research projects in short video.

Endometriosis and Infertility Video

Diagnosis and treatment for women who want to conceive Endometriosis and its affect on infertility explained by Dr. Norbert Gleicher … Read more

CHR in the Media

Reproductive endocrinologists at CHR often contribute expert commentary to media reports. Here are a few recent media appearances of CHR physicians and scientists.

NYTimes Quotes Dr. Gleicher on Danger of PGS

A New York Times article exploring the rapidly evolving (and aggressively marketed) world of embryo screening technologies for in vitro … Read more

Press Relations

Press releases on important research progress and industry tips for the media.

CHR Issues Comments on SCIENCE Magazine’s Article on “Controversial Fertility Treatments”

Experimental mitochondrial transfer has potential to improve fertility treatment outcomes for older women without sacrificing genetic connection to the children, … Read more