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The high cost of fertility treatment and lack of insurance coverage prevents many people from becoming parents. That’s why the Center for Human Reproduction has a variety of affordable fertility treatment programs. Renowned fertility experts Norbert Gleicher, MD, FACOG, FACS, and David Barad, MD, MS, FACOG, offer many different ways to build your family without breaking the bank, so call the office in Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, or click the online booking link today.

Affordable Fertility Treatment Q & A

What is the affordable fertility treatment program?

The affordable fertility treatment program at the Center for Human Reproduction includes a variety of different options to make infertility treatments more budget-friendly. 

The experienced team of reproductive medicine professionals understands that insurance companies don't often cover fertility treatments and that the out-of-pocket cost may be prohibitive, so they offer these plans to help you build your family affordably. 

What are the different affordable fertility program options?

The Center for Human Reproduction offers several affordable fertility program options, including:


EcoIVF is a form of low-intensity IVF, in which you take a smaller dose of less intense ovary-stimulating drugs. Although EcoIVF produces fewer eggs (and, therefore, fewer embryos) than more intensive ovarian stimulation drugs, this program still allows you to make many more eggs than you would normally. 

EcoIVF also has the advantage of less monitoring because the drugs are weaker. This program is best for women with a normal ovarian reserve who are younger than 38.

Discount IVF

The Center for Human Reproduction offers various discount IVF options, including special discounts for lower-income households and military members. 

The friendly team can review your information to determine whether you qualify for any of the discount IVF programs.

IVF shared cost

IVF shared cost programs balance the potential financial risk of infertility treatments. With this option, you pay a flat fee and then get a partial or total refund if you don't get pregnant. There are two shared cost options, one for IVF and the other for donor egg IVF. 

These programs include a single egg retrieval and unlimited embryo transfers in a 12-month period. The team can explain all the benefits of this complex option. 

Eco donor egg program

In the eco donor egg program, you can use frozen donor eggs for less than 50% of the cost of the standard egg donor program.

Multiple IVF cycle program

The multiple IVF cycle program is ideal for women of any age who have dramatically diminished ovarian reserve. This program includes up to four IVF cycles for a significantly reduced package price. 

It's an excellent option for women who expect to need multiple cycles to conceive or women who have already had failed cycles at another fertility facility.

Each of these programs has several options, so it’s important to consider all the options to choose the one right for you.

How do I start affordable fertility treatment? 

The first step is scheduling a consultation at the Center for Human Reproduction. To participate in some of the affordable fertility treatment programs, you may need to bring proof of income and other financial information. The caring team can explain everything you need to know.

Call the Center for Human Reproduction or click on the online link for an appointment.