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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Our Program

Because of our reputation as one of the world’s most advanced fertility centers, patients from all over the world come to CHR with complex infertility cases. Many of our patients have had failed IVF treatment cycles elsewhere, or have been denied treatment due to supposed poor prognosis, but were able to successfully conceive through in-vitro fertilization at our center.

At CHR, we offer some of the most advanced IVF programs available, for women with a wide variety of infertility-related conditions.

Dr. Barad Explains: Why IVF Individualization is Crucial

In Vitro Fertilization - why individualization is crucial in order to achieve the highest IVF success rates for pregnancy. Dr. Barad also explains how IVF success rates are calculated and the basics of the IVF procedure and infertility treatment.

Why CHR is Different

There are three components to our success in providing successful IVF treatment to these patients:

  • Individualization of care: Unlike at some larger IVF centers, there is no "one-size-fits all protocol" at CHR. Thanks to our experience with patients with multifactorial infertility and sometimes other medical conditions that require attention, CHR physicians are able to offer individualized approach that is best suited for each patient.
  • Aggressive approach when necessary: Especially when a patient has diminished ovarian reserve (indicated by high FSH and/or low AMH), every egg and every embryo matters, and even a small change in treatment plans can make a big difference. We fight for every egg and embryo!
  • Intimate atmosphere of a private center, combined with a cutting-edge research program that rivals or exceeds major university hospitals: Our rigorous fertility research program has been the driving force behind our success in developing and providing the cutting-edge fertility treatments. A recent example is the introduction of DHEA supplementation into fertility treatment for women with diminished ovarian reserve.

Thorough Pre-IVF Consultations & Testing

Whether a patient has already had fertility treatment before or is just starting to explore options, identifying the root cause(s) of the problem is the key. We encourage anyone, before they make a decision, to consult with one of our IVF experts. Through an in-office, telephone or video consultation and a round of testing, our physicians thoroughly assess each patient's situation and discuss various options with each patient.

There are many factors that influence your prospects of conceiving. Both partners require a careful evaluation. After completing this evaluation, you may find that you have a good chance of getting pregnant naturally, with a bit more time. Most of the time, there are some specialized fertility tests to be performed depending on the type of infertility.

Many of the couples who have been unsuccessful in starting a family before consulting our center have a long history and all the necessary tests have been done. These couples can usually move directly into in vitro fertilization.

Financial Assistance for IVF Treatment

CHR offers special financial conditions for patients who do not have insurance coverage, and at times can offer access to free infertility medications. Learn more about the cost of in vitro fertilization and available IVF treatment financing options from our IVF costs page. CHR also offers a Shared Risk IVF program and multiple IVF cycle program package for women with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR).

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Last Updated: March 28, 2017

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