What’s My Fertility at CHR

An Innovative fertility risk screening for young women

Dr. Norbert Gleicher introduces What’s My Fertility, a risk screening program for young women to avoid future infertility due to premature ovarian aging (POA).

What’s My Fertility™ at CHR overview

What’s My Fertility™ is an innovative infertility risk screening program, available both online and through healthcare providers, including CHR. Based on a patented algorithm developed by the physicians and scientists at CHR, What’s My Fertility™ screens young women for future risk of developing Premature ovarian aging (POA). POA affects about 10% of all women and can lead to infertility that often requires extensive treatments to overcome. Because POA is a silent condition without obvious symptoms, women with POA often do not know they have this condition, and a diagnosis comes as a complete surprise.

With What’s My Fertility™, young women can now learn whether they are at risk of POA, and at-risk women can take appropriate action before the condition becomes a clinical problem. Early detection of POA risk gives young women more reproductive options, which are far more effective and less costly than extensive infertility treatments later in life.

While What’s My Fertility™ is an online service, CHR offers young women a chance to use the What’s My Fertility™ screening in a physicians’ office setting, where CHR’s experienced clinical coordinators guide them through the process and provide counseling based on the risk profile of each woman. This option is available to women both in and outside the United States.

Getting started with What's My Fertility™

Women in most states in the United States have two options: using the screening tool online, or going through the screening process through CHR. Women who live outside of the United States can still use What's My Fertility POA screening through CHR. How It Works page has more details of what's involved.

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Last Updated: November 23, 2015

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